Ballet II

Ballet II

Ballet II students begin to learn and comprehend in greater detail the fundamentals of ballet, such as positions and placement.  The instructors at this level make it their goal to instill in their students a love and appreciation for the art of dance that will stay with them even if students should elect to pursue other interests. Students learn the importance of discipline in ballet class that will translate to other aspects of their life. The Neglia staff encourages students at this level to express their creativity and artistry freely, thus striving to make it an educational and inspiring experience for their students. Choreography Class is offered as an optional class for B1 & B2 students. Choreography allows students to apply techniques learned in class in a more artistic way. At the end of the year our B1 &B2 Choreography students perform in the end of the year Conservatory show.

Have more than one that loves dance? Siblings receive a 10% tuition discount.



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Ballet II meets:

Wednesdays - From 5:15pm to 6:15pm (new time)

B1 & B2 Choreography Class - Saturdays From 11:30am - 12:30pm

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Annual Tuition Rate

See current year Tuition Chart here

(Choreography Class for B1 or B2 is extra and is required to perform in the End of the Year Performance.)

Paying in Full: A 10% discount is offered to all students paying in full by September 1st (not applicable for Summer Intensive or Workshop Tuition)

Types of Payment: We prefer personal checks or cash but do accept all major credit cards (for an added 3.5% fee)

*We also accept Independent Health "Flex Fit Family" and "personalBest" debit cards.

Tuition Assistance is available through our Jose Neglia Scholarship Program and is based on the financial needs of the student and the students potential for success in ballet. Please print and fill out the application form for consideration.

Jose Neglia Scholarship Program

Trimester Tuition Rate

See current year Tuition Chart here

Trimester payments are due on September 1, December 1 and March 1.

***March 1st payment will include a $99 performance fee for Ballet 1 and up.


Registration: There is a $30 registration fee per family.

Payments made after the 10th of the month are subject to a $25 late fee.

All returned checks are subject to a $30 charge.

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