Ballet II

Ballet II

Ballet II students begin to learn and comprehend in greater detail the fundamentals of ballet, such as positions and placement.  The instructors at this level make it their goal to instill in their students a love and appreciation for the art of dance that will stay with them even if students should elect to pursue other interests. Students learn the importance of discipline in ballet class that will translate to other aspects of their life. The Neglia staff encourages students at this level to express their creativity and artistry freely, thus striving to make it an educational and inspiring experience for their students. Choreography Class is offered as an optional class for B1 & B2 students. Choreography allows students to apply techniques learned in class in a more artistic way. At the end of the year our B1 &B2 Choreography students perform in the end of the year Conservatory show.

Have more than one that loves dance? Siblings receive a 10% tuition discount.



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