Pre-Professional students are taught to understand and perfect their lines, technique, execution, and most importantly artistry. The Neglia staff recognizes the need for their students to be well prepared for the professional world of dance and as a result, our instructors take special care to develop the skills dancers need to succeed in this field. While some students at this level do plan on pursuing a professional career or college dance education, there are also those dancers that wish to continue study simply out of love for the art of ballet. Incidentally, the instructors make it their goal to accommodate the students in a manner that will allow them to do just that. Pre-Professional students receive the added experience of having several guest artist master classes throughout the year at no additional cost. At this level, professionalism, confidence, artistry, and commitment, are emphasized to cultivate the young dancer into an individual capable of becoming successful both on and off the stage.

Have more than one that loves dance? Siblings receive a 10% tuition discount.



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