Sergio Teaches – Students AND Teachers in Argentina

Welcome back Sergio! In February, Sergio had a whirlwind teaching tour of Argentina. As you may have seen on Facebook, he taught and scouted prospective international Summer Intensive students from cities including Gualeguaychú, Buenos Aires, Rosario, La Plata and Córdoba.

In 5 weeks and 5 cities, Sergio interacted with and enchanted over 250 dancers and presented 40 scholarships to join our 5-week Summer Intensive in Buffalo. 

While this is the 6th year Sergio has taught students in Argentina, 2017 marked the first time Sergio led a seminar specifically for teachers in Argentina.

It was an honor to receive Sergio Neglia, not only for his artistic and educational trajectory but because he showed his deep love for what he does. His enthusiasm and conviction were contagious and that energy and knowledge achieved wonderful transformations to the students. As the headmaster of a school in progress in Córdoba, Argentina, this year I wanted the teacher Sergio Neglia to give classes to the young teachers of my school, and to the ones from distant cities of the interior of our large country. This experience was a success: the teachers did or witnessed the practical classes and then, they exchanged theory, questions and answers, explanations and anecdotes which enriched the training process strengthening the mechanisms involved in the act of teaching ballet.

~Cristina Gómez Comini,
Director of Danza Viva Centro de Estudios, Córdoba, Argentina

We are hopeful that seminars like this will continue in Argentina and other locations in the future.

A big THANK YOU to Sherri CampagniStephani Foraker and Beth Bartholomew for stepping in to help teach in February while Sergio was away! Great having you all at the studio.

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