Neglia's spectacular productions filled with world-class dancing...

...rival any in the region. - Steve Sucato, Buffalo News

Mission / Vision / Values

Mission Statement

To preserve and make accessible exceptional artistry through classical ballet training and performances. 

Vision Statement

Sharing a passion for life through the international vocabulary of dance. 

Core Values


We honor and foster an inclusive, diverse, and accepting community based on mutual respect,  compassion, and understanding for one another. 


Dance is about expression from the soul: teaching and preserving the transcendence of feeling from the dancer to the audience. Students find their individual artistic voice and are empowered with the confidence to express it. 


We honor and understand the intense need to do or create something because it fills the soul. 


We celebrate openness, vulnerability, truth, and the courage to be oneself, and encourage a  sincere expression of self through the art of dance. 


We are all interconnected and inspiring humans. Engaging on a personal level among peers, teachers, and professional artists from around the globe builds empathy and makes us better humans. 


Our values and traditions persevere through students and supporters and complement their lives and successes on and off the stage.

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