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Due to COVID-19, there will be NO auditions held for the Nutcracker. Please check back in August 2021.


Need to Know Information

What: Open Auditions for The Nutcracker

Over 40 children ages 8 and up will be selected to fill many children’s roles, including Party Children, Cupcakes, Bakers, Mice, Rats, Soldiers, and Angels.

When:  —- (see details below)

Auditions are in groups. Audition times are scheduled by dancer age and experience as noted below. The selective audition process takes approximately one and one half hours for each age group. Please plan on staying during the entire time of your group’s audition. Late arrivals will not be permitted to audition.

 Where: Neglia Conservatory of Ballet

Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main Street, 6th Floor, Buffalo, NY 14214

For More Information:

(716) 447-0401 or


 The Nutcracker 



Ages 8-10: 11 am – 12:30 pm

Ages 11-13: 12:45 – 2:45 pm

Ages 14 & up: 3:00 – 4:00 pm


Ages 10 to 13 Requirements: NO DANCE TRAINING REQUIRED

Ages 8 to 10 Requirements: NO DANCE TRAINING REQUIRED (must have turned 8 by July 31, 2021)


Ages 10 to 13 Requirements:  at least 3 years of dance training

Ages 8 to 10: Requirements: at least 2 years of dance training (must have turned 8 by July 31, 2021)


Girls auditioning for roles should wear a leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers and have hair in a bun. There is a girls’ changing area.

Boys should be dressed in dark tights, sweatpants or shorts, and t-shirt and black or white ballet slippers. There is a boys’ changing area.

All dancers must arrive at least 15 minutes before their audition call. There is a form to fill out. To save time, you may complete it and bring it with you. Auditions will start promptly at scheduled times. There is no monetary compensation or complimentary tickets whatsoever for these roles. All costumes must be returned to Neglia Ballet Artists at the end of the production as when issued.

Parents will not be allowed into the audition area at any time.

The Nutcracker will be performed on ____ at 7:00 pm and _____ at 2:00 pm.


You will be emailed the results of the audition within a week of the audition. If your child is chosen for a role, you will be asked to look carefully at the rehearsal schedule and sign a contract stating your child’s commitment to the rehearsal times and performances.

Rehearsals begin on ———-. Generally, rehearsals take place on weekends and after school hours. As the performance dates get closer, the rehearsals will get more frequent.  You must be committed to being at ALL rehearsals your role(s) are scheduled for.

Additional time slots will be scheduled during the rehearsal period for costume fittings. Fittings usually happen before or after a scheduled rehearsal.

Several of the Nutcracker roles have two casts. This means if your child is cast in a role she/he may perform in only one of the performances. We suggest that you hold off buying tickets until you are SURE which performance your child is performing in. We will do our best to let you know as soon as possible, but the process is fairly complicated. Please do NOT contact the studio regarding this matter – we will inform you when all roles are finalized.

Rehearsing for and performing in Neglia Ballet Artists productions is excellent training for  young dancers as they pursue their dance education, whether they’re students aiming to be a professional dancer, or children who enjoy being on stage. For either type of student, the experience is a rich and memorable one. Those participating in the performance have the unequaled experience of performing on the Shea’s stage.

Audition Forms

Forms will be available at the studio on the day of audition, but you can save time by downloading and completing forms ahead of time:

Nutcracker Audition Form

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