"Ballet Calms Me Down"

Do you ever wonder what is in the mind of a young boy…sometimes they seem so ramped up that getting them to sit still is nearly impossible- well, a parent of a Ballet 1 student at Neglia Conservatory of Ballet, shared her sons daily blog post with us last week. In the blog we learn just what goes through our students mind before, during and after his Wednesday Ballet 1 class. We thought our readers would also like a new way of viewing ballet for boys.

Please enjoy the following quote from our students blog, as well as videos of his class taken on Parent Observation Day in our studio.

March 5th, 2014- Williams Blog Post- Age 9, Ballet 1 Student at Neglia Conservatory of Ballet

“Ballet was fine. The parents came in and watched. I felt a bit excited. The other girls were sillier than usual, but they were paying attention. I can’t believe I’m doing ballet. It really is fun. I also have a very nice teacher. She can control her anger. Ballet calms me down. I like going to Neglia Ballet. They have a nice office. Kim is in the office. She always makes sure she comes out and says Hi to me. The have very big studios there. And the girls in my class are full of energy.
Here’s a couple videos of me dancing. Hope you enjoy them! Don’t laugh too hard…..:-D
Video 1
Video 2

That’s all I have on my mind really. I get to watch Digimon now.

Stay tuned ’til tomorrow!”

*Thank you to William and his parents for allowing us to share his blog post. Click here to read the full version of last weeks posting.

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