What is Barre Fit?

Dancers have a reputation for having some of the most beautiful and fit bodies in the world.  Ballet dancers in particular boast lean, sculpted physiques with the power and stamina to rival any elite athlete.

But what if you just want to gain some of the strength and health benefits of ballet without actually, well, learning to dance?  Barre Fitness classes let you do just that!

Neglia’s unique Barre Fit method combines ballet exercises with Pilates, yoga and fitness conditioning principles to help you develop a body that’s strong, lean and flexible from head to toe.


Curious about what you’ll be doing in a Barre Fit class at Neglia? Read on for a breakdown of each one hour class!

I. Warm-Up! (5 minutes)

Class begins with a short sequence of simple cardio movements and dynamic stretches such as knee lifts, hamstring curls, and pliés (ballet’s answer to traditional squats) to get your heart pumping and your muscles ready to work. Next, you’ll hit the mat to warm up your core with planks and Pilates abdominal exercises.

II. Upper Body 

The upper body section of class targets the biceps, triceps, back and chest with a series of precise movements that utilize classical ballet arm positions. The weight of your own body provides the resistance for these exercises (with the optional addition of light hand weights for an added challenge). Sometimes we’ll throw include additional upper body challenges like tricep dips and push-ups, always paying close attention to proper form!

III. Lower Body Burn

Here’s where we take to the barre and get into the longest section of class. While holding the barre you’ll lift, bend and pulse with strength and precision again, always with an emphasis on correct alignment. This section of class works the calves, thighs and seat to fatigue with minimal impact on sensitive joints! If you’re doing it right, your muscles may start to shake–embrace it. After working each muscle group, you’ll get a nice stretch to relax and revive that part of the body.


IV. More for the Core

Now we’re back to the mat to give your abs, glutes and lower back one final challenge. This section of class usually includes the Pilates stomach series, shoulder bridging, and ballet Floor Barre exercises.


V. Cool Down 

Cool downs are never rushed in Barre Fit. Here, we focus on lowering the core body temperature through a series of yoga poses, dance stretches, and focused breathing. You’ll hold each stretch long enough to feel your muscles release and relax. And we promise you’ll leave class feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on your day!

Neglia’s Barre Fit class is taught by a certified Pilates and group fitness instructor. Small class sizes ensure one-on-one attention! Drop-in students are always welcome. Sign up here to reserve your spot.

See you at the barre!


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