Boys' Ballet Class Trains the Next Generation

A fresh year of classes at Neglia Conservatory of Ballet has begun! We love watching all of our students, from the 3 year old “superheroes” and “mermaids” in Creative Movement to our dedicated Pre-Professionals, come back to the barre to grow as young artists.

This fall, after the success of our free summer workshop for boys, we were able to bring back an all boys ballet class to our Buffalo studios!

Hard at work in class!

Hard at work in class!


The boys in this group take one or two technique classes per week with girls, then come again on Tuesday nights for a class with Sergio Neglia that focuses on the training needs of young men. Some have two or three years of ballet training while others are just beginning their journey!

These young dancers come from all over the region to experience the joy of learning ballet. In addition to gaining physical strength whith each class, they are also gaining confidence and discipline while making long-lasting friendships. It’s incredible to see their growth and progress from week to week! 

Read more about Neglia’s ballet class offering for boys, girls, and adults here.

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