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Boys & Girls Ages 3, 4, 5:


(Ages 3 - 6) We believe in instilling a love of dance and music in students at an early age! Our youngest dancers enjoy our Whirl & Twirl classes which balance structure and creativity through basic poses and time for them to freely express themselves through movement. Capes, Tutus, Scarves, Butterfly Wings and more are incorporated into the class. When class is done, their smiles tell you they had fun. Due to COVID-19, this class requires an adult partner (parent, caregiver) to attend with youth student, who will help reinforce physical distancing and mask wearing.

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Whirl & Twirl meets:

Saturdays, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

[/spoiler][spoiler title="Annual Tuition Rate"]

Types of Payment: Personal checks or exact cash preferred. Credit cards and PayPal accepted (plus 3.8% fee and minimum transaction of $100)

*We also accept Independent Health "Flex Fit Family" and "personalBest" debit cards.

Thank-A-Vet: Military Veterans receive 10% discount

Tuition Assistance is available through our Jose Neglia Scholarship Program and is based on the financial needs of the student and the students potential for success in ballet. Please print and fill out the application form for consideration.

[/spoiler][spoiler title="Trimester Tuition Rate"]

Trimester payment installments are due on September 1, December 1 and March 1.

Monthly payments due BEFORE first day of each month

[/spoiler][spoiler title="Fees"]

Registration: There is a $40 registration fee per family.

Classes must be pre-paid by month or trimester. No late payments allowed.

All returned checks are subject to a $30 charge.

Uniform Leotards (colors vary by level) are required and must be purchased at Neglia.

Pre-Ballet thru Beginner Ballet $30 each. Ballet 4 & Pre-Professional, $45 each.


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