Decades of Inspiration

00000027For over 20 years Neglia Ballet has moved for thousands, and has inspired thousands to move. This summer NBA will be making their biggest move yet, into a larger facility.

“Being in a brand new location – state-of-the-art studio, offices, furniture – it’s going to be a setting that is a lot different than where we are now and I think it is going to be more on par with what we are producing. We make beautiful productions. We create beautiful dancers, now we need a beautiful space in order to do that.” ~Heidi Halt, Executive Director

On Thursday, January 28th donors, foundations and media turned out to celebrate the announcement of our new home in the Tri-Main Building with an exclusive first look at studio plans, cocktails, hors d'ouevres sponsored by The Chocolate Bar and music to move to.

The soiree was a perfect "grand-jete" to launch Neglia Ballet's most challenging fundraiser to date.

Why Move Now?  Why Tri-Main?

In the beginning, the Pierce Arrow building was great for our needs, but we have simply outgrown it. Annual student enrollment has consistently increased 20%  since 2013, while the summer program has doubled each year since 2012. Rather than expand in our current building we chose to search for spaces that would provide Neglia with a studio on par with the high quality productions and training we provide. To reconfigure, restore and expand our current space would leave us with a equally heafty construction bill, no parking, and a building condition, which sadly, has been the cause of parents walking away despite our reputable program.  

We started with nothing and will always have beautiful memories of our current studio, but it is time to move on. Tri-Main Building not only provides us with space we can design to fit our growing needs, but ensures the safety and well-being of our students and offers collaborative opportunities with fellow artists and organizations within the building.

“Our possibilities need to be larger now. " ~Sergio Neglia, Artistic Directorbow_trimmed

The new space will allow us to

  • Offer additional programming for students, families and community groups
  • Produce higher quality performances 
  • Create an even greater draw to Buffalo for world-class training
  • Increase collaborative partnerships
  • Sustain our current and future programmic growth
  • House and maintain costumes, sets and props in one location for the first time in our 21 year history

 Take a look at how we are planning to RAISE THE BARRE!

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