From Summer Intensive to PDL to RWB

What can just 1 summer at Neglia do for your ballet journey?

Here's a reflection from our soon-to-graduate Pre-Professional student Maggie Weatherdon. She first came to Neglia during a Summer Intensive. Subsequently, competed at USA International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi (June 2018); Prix de Lausanne in Switzerland (February 2020); participated in Summer Intensives in Palermo, Sicily and San Francisco Ballet. Will be part of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s aspirant program, Fall 2020.

“My favorite memory is from the first class I took with Sergio. It was the first summer program that I had attended and my first real introduction to ballet. I had taken ballet classes all of my life, but I always hated it and I thought it was so rigid and boring. That is until my first class with Sergio. We were at the old studio and we were in the makeshift 3rd room way down at the end of the hall. We all took our spots at the barre and Sergio started to explain the step. I remember thinking this is not what I’m used to. Then after a couple of steps at the barre Sergio noticed me and gave me a correction that I will remember forever.


He then started to explain what he meant and that ballet is not supposed to be stiff, it's all about movement. He explained and demonstrated with a passion that was nothing like my previous experiences with ballet could match. I remember thinking to myself after that class “hey, I like ballet!”. I should also mention that I had only planned on attending that summer program for 2 weeks and ended up staying for 4 weeks! And now here we are 7 years later."

- Maggie Weatherdon (age 18)

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