From Summer Intensive to Palermo & Sarasota

What can just 1 summer at Neglia do for your ballet journey?

Here’s a summer reflection from student Ava DiNicola, who has been accepted to Sarasota Ballet School  for the fall of 2020.

Neglia's Summer Intensives and year-round training, helped Ava to be invited to participate in Summer Intensives in Palermo, Sicily and Sarasota Ballet.

“I joined Neglia when I was 10 years old, beginning in the fall of 2012. However, when classes ended and we finished our June show, I couldn’t wait until until September to start dancing again. I felt I should be more proactive knowing that I need to continue my training and stay strong and healthy.

Being involved in Neglia’s 5 week summer intensive was the best way to not only continue my love for dance, but to also learn from renown teachers and different styles of dance. Learning artistry and variations in detail with teachers from all around the country and world is an amazing experience.

Not only this, but meeting dancers from places like Japan and Argentina to train under Neglia is remarkable. I have built some amazing friendships over the years with some of them and keep in touch often!

The summer intensive was the one part of my summer I looked forward to the most. I could dance again, see my current teachers and meet new ones, and then make lifelong friends whom you can share your passion of dance with is everything. Especially with quarantine and the outbreak of the coronavirus, being able to still dance and have an outlet from this crazy world is an amazing opportunity, while still benefiting from everything as if we were together in Neglia’s studios."

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