How to Sustain Neglia Ballet Students with “Soutenu”

Soutenu  (French) “soo-ten-oo” – In classical ballet it means sustained.


It’s been one month since Neglia Ballet closed our studio doors because of Coronavirus.

We’re amazed by our students’ resilience as we quickly launched Zoom online ballet training. Chair backs have become ballet barres. Dining rooms have become practice rooms. We donated pieces of Marley flooring to our students to help provide safe dance surfaces. It hasn’t been perfect but it’s been vital to continue connecting with our students. Seeing their faces regularly on computer screens has sustained our motivation and their spirits. On social media, students have shared their love of Neglia Ballet with #imwithnegliabecause 

We’ve been asked what are Neglia’s biggest challenges during these uncertain times and in the coming months? Since our students are the backbone of our organization, our biggest priority is to support and sustain our students.

Looking ahead to September, when we hope to gather together again for in-person training, we’re worried that some of our students won’t be able to continue due to financial hardships caused by the pandemic. Some of our families have been working tirelessly as first responders, in healthcare and foodservice. Some are caring for sick loved ones. Some have lost their jobs.

Some families will face the choice between investing in ballet or putting food on the table. 


So, Neglia Ballet has established an emergency tuition fund called “Soutenu” to assist our students whose families are struggling with hardship due to the Covid-19 crisis. This fund will help bridge the gap so all students have the opportunity to continue dancing without interruption. Our youth have been forever impacted by Coronavirus. They deserve to return to the nurturing routine of ballet once we're allowed to re-open our conservatory.


If you are able, please help our students continue their ballet journey. Your generous tax-deductible gift to “Soutenu” will sustain our students, in body, mind and spirit.


Thank you in advance for helping the next generation of dancers and future leaders.

~Heidi & Sergio

Directors and Co-Founders

Or mail a check to:
Neglia Ballet
2495 Main Street, Suite 600
Buffalo, NY 14214

Neglia Ballet is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization.

THANK YOU for your support!

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