International dancers spend summer in WNY

interview photo

(Pictured: Agustina Morel and Winging It Buffalo’s Lauren Hall)

“Serious young dancers are used to spending their summer vacations in leotards and tights instead of in shorts and flip flops. But some international students’ love of dance brought them all the way here to Western New York for the season. Director Sergio Neglia of the Neglia Ballet travels the globe to recruit for his five week intensive program, and offers top dancers scholarships to attend. This year, he welcomed students from countries such as Japan, Argentina, Uruguay. They live at Buffalo Seminary, take class five days a week, and spend the weekends exploring Buffalo. Winging It‘s Lauren Hall visited the studio during the final days of the program to meet some of the students from abroad and find out what they learned during their experience here in town.”

*Excerpt by Winging It! Buffalo Style’s Lauren Hall, Published: 

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