What should we name our LLAMAS?

We’re serious about ballet at Neglia but we also like to have some fun like when remembering to wear our masks and stay 6-feet apart.

Click here to enter our LLAMA NAME GAME

We’re collecting suggestions until August 31, then we’ll put the finalists up for a vote on social media. The big reveal will be our first day of classes SEPTEMBER 14, 2020.

Why LLAMAS? Well, they’re from South America (like Sergio Neglia), they’re known to spit so they should definitely wear masks, and they are just the right size (6-feet long) to remember physical distancing at the studio.

These two are dressed for Saturday Whirl & Twirl with a TUTU and a CAPE. But they are missing NAMES. 

¿Cómo se llaman? What are their names?

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