Neglia Students Train in Palermo, Sicily

In August 2018, some Neglia’s Pre-Professional students had the opportunity to travel with their instructor Heidi Halt (Neglia’s Executive Director) to Palermo, Sicily for a two-week ballet intensive.

The program took place in the beautiful Teatro Politeama in the center of Palermo. Adrien, Ava and Maggie took full advantage of all the program had to offer, including taking classes with world-class ballet teachers and choreographers, becoming friends with dancers from all over Italy and America, and exploring all aspects of cultural experiences of Palermo. Heidi thinks they all realized how special it was to be a a part of a brand new Summer Intensive Program and could not be more proud of how they represented Neglia abroad.

Summer Students at the Teatro Politeama

Here are some reflections from the students about their experiences:

International instructors Larissa Ponomarenko and Viktor Plotinkov (center) with Neglia students Maggie, Adrien and Ava in Palermo.

“Traveling to Palermo for a summer ballet intensive was an incredible experience and a privilege to represent Neglia Conservatory of Ballet! I learned new techniques from some of the best instructors, in a beautiful city, rich with history. Through dance, I made many Italian friends that welcomed us and were eager to share their culture. Sono stato benissimo! (I had a wonderful time!)”
– Ava, age 16

“It was a great pleasure representing Neglia in Palermo, Sicily. The overall experience helped me grow as an individual by getting exposed to more wonderful teachers, unforgettable friends, and a new culture. The classes consisted of multiple teaching styles working on overcoming my weaknesses. Also, the classes that incorporated acting allowed me to see dance in a new perspective. It is so difficult to pinpoint one favorite memory but here is one of the most memorable, routinely walking down quaint alleyways and watching the sun set as you eat. I highly recommend this experience to other dancers, as I seek to go again in a heartbeat.”
– Adrien, age 17

“Taking part in the Palermo Summer Intensive was the most amazing experience and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. First of all, the food couldn’t have been better. I am usually good at trying new things but, while in Palermo I promised myself that I would try anything whether it be food or just new things in general. I am a pretty shy person so I also think that being in Palermo helped me to come out of my shell a little bit and having Adrien and Ava there made it that much more fun. We met so many great dancers and teachers that you had to try your best to soak up every word they said. The opportunity to learn from them was one of the best parts of being there. As a student of Neglia Conservatory I feel as though we all represented Neglia as best we could and showed that we are respectful students who are there to learn. The experience was incredible and I wish it could have lasted longer than it did because of the friendships, the teachers and the beautiful city of Palermo!”
– Maggie, age 16

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