New to Ballet? Here are the Basics.

Good dancers make ballet look effortless, graceful and natural…what you don’t see are the thousands of hours of training they went through to give audiences that impression. When beginning ballet it is important to remember that ballet is not natural and never gets easier…you just get better.

It is very common for new students to be a little overwhelmed at first. Ballet terminology is in French, they want you to do things like turn-out, pull-up and stretch – all at the same time. Whether you are 5, 25 or 85 the basics are the same, and once you grasp them you are on your way to becoming the dancer you want to be. Instead of thinking, what am I doing wrong, think, what am I doing right and what more can I do right at the same time. From your head to your toes, chin to fingertips, ribs to knees to bottom there are countless things that go on in a dancers brain before taking their first pas (classical ballet term meaning “step” or transfer of weight).

In order to help new students and students who simply want MORE ballet we asked one of our recent Pre-Professional level graduates for their help. It is with pleasure we are releasing Neglia Conservatory of Ballets first instructional video – “Ballet Basics“! It is the perfect way to get ready for your first classes so you understand vocabulary, positions and some important basic points our teachers will reiterate in class. ENJOY! and remember, ballet is not exactly natural to the body so be patient and give yourself some time, hold your head high and keep working- it doesn’t happen overnight but WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

Is there something else you’d like to know? Send us an email at we’d love to hear from you!

(View Ballet Basics Video)

(Pictured: Sherri Campagni & Sergio Neglia in Neglia Ballet Artists production of “Giselle” 2012)

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