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During an unprecedented year (2020) the only way to perform The Nutcracker was to do something totally different.

Please enjoy the trailer and the short film (3 min) below, created by Neglia Ballet Students, entitled: YEAR WITHOUT A NUTCRACKER

See how the Nutcracker, the Rats, the Mice cooperate and cope during Quarantine and spread some holiday magic. Enjoy!

Neglia Ballet is pleased to have collaborated with Honey+Punch to develop new videos. These highlight a variety of class levels and celebrate our 25th Anniversary (1994-2019). Enjoy!

Neglia Ballet is grateful to have talented and generous photographers such as Gene Witkowski, Jim Bush, Rebecca Lindamood and Mary Katrina who have helped us capture the moments in the galleries below. Enjoy! 

Adult & Ballet Wellness

More Images Coming Soon!

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