Take your technique to the next level

Class Overview

Ballet 4 students are taught to hone the skills they have learned from the previous levels. Their knowledge of the ballet vocabulary is increased, along with their ability to execute more complicated steps in center. Ballet 4 is an important stepping stone for students before progressing to the pre-professional level.

Students take classes 4 days per week and are expected to participate in the Summer Intensive Program. Our instructors train students to develop their technical and artistic skills further by focusing on perfection, precision, and a sense of maturity in their movements. This more refined manner of movement is what is necessary to prepare them for the next level.

Our staff guides these students by teaching them the basic fundamentals of pointe work, and training them in a manner that will make them strong enough to tackle more challenging work in the future. One of the most important objectives of this level is for students to recognize and strive to obtain the skills necessary to bridge the gap between student and pre-professional.


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I’ve found a family with Neglia. They have so much love and compassion for their students and the art.



Neglia Ballet Artists: high in artistic standards & deeply human in their interaction with students, parents, company members & the public. Worthy.



I’m so grateful for the love and support my daughter receives from Neglia. Seeing her classmates at the studio is so important, especially now!