Ballet training that evolves as your child grows

Strengthen your craft.

Classes in the Student Division are carefully graded by age, physical strength, and development. Students are introduced to progressive levels of ballet technique. Students may be promoted at any point during the year based on individual progress and teacher assessment – students often spend 2 years or more in certain levels.

Trust the instructors to determine appropriate placement and advancement for your student.


Generally begins at age 6 or 7 depending on the student’s individual development.

Continues emphasis on basics while developing coordination, grace, and discipline. While the central focus at this level is barre work, it is also a great deal of fun! Our staff encourages our budding dancers to combine their artistic and creative side with the classical steps they have learned in group free dance and other enjoyable ways.

This 1 hour class meets once a week.


Geared toward students who have taken ballet 1 and are ages 8+.

Builds strength in fundamentals and vocabulary and emphasizes correct body placement and alignment. They are taught to understand not only a greater variety of steps, but also the meaning behind the steps (i.e. French to English translation). Choreography is incorporated into the curriculum.

This 90-minute class meets twice a week.

Students are accepted into this level by teacher recommendation or audition


Students experience an increase in the level of difficulty as they are trained to execute combinations of steps with precision, while simultaneously beginning to develop their epaulement (the use of shoulders, head and neck), with clarity. Instructors will instill in their students an understanding of the importance of musicality, along with how dance and music should blend together as one. Students are encouraged to work together as a cohesive group in their style of movement while maintaining a sense of themselves as an individual.

This 2-hour class meets 3 times a week.

Students are accepted into this level by teacher recommendation or audition




I’ve found a family with Neglia. They have so much love and compassion for their students and the art.



Neglia Ballet Artists: high in artistic standards & deeply human in their interaction with students, parents, company members & the public. Worthy.



I’m so grateful for the love and support my daughter receives from Neglia. Seeing her classmates at the studio is so important, especially now!