Baba Yaga...A Sneak Peek

Neglia Ballet Artist, Back on Stage at Shea’s with Another Cast of Talented Dancers

The family friendly production, based on the Russian folktale and choreographed by Neglia Ballet Artists Artistic Director, Sergio Neglia, boasts an array of over fifty characters both spooky and sweet. Neglia himself plays the fearsome witch, Baba Yaga, who lures young Misha to her strange cottage built on chicken legs and prepares to eat her, aided and abetted by crows, skeletons, and other spooks. The excitement builds as friendly woodland creatures try but fail to rescue Misha–until finally…well we wouldn’t want to ruin the ending, come and see for yourself. October 26th, 7 pm at Shea’s Performing arts. Buy your ticket to find out how the story ends!

The production promises to be a treat for the entire family, with beautiful and eerie sets by David Butler and Mark DiVincenzo, colorful costumes by Donna Massimo, magical lighting affects by Dyan Burlingame.

Meet the Cast

Baba Yaga- Sergio Neglia

Misha– Yuha Tomita

Baba Yaga Apprentice– Eli Neglia

Bee– Elizabeth Sam

Birds– Hannah Arndt, Ava Blumberg, Kaylee Herkey, Stephanie Waite,

Goblins– Morgan Brown, Rorey Fraser, Liam Logue, Ethan Maines, Ben Reading

Crows– Jayne Appelbaum, Hannah Arndt, Ava Blumberg, Julianne Fraser, Kaylee Herkey, Anna Magavern, Helena Reading, Elizabeth Same, Isabella Tronolone, Stephanie Waite

Skeletons– Emily Zak, Maya Schreier, Olivia Ponticelli, Ava DiNicola, Nhung Hoffman, Adrien Malof, Mallory Reading, Maria Krieg, Sarah Kobler, Elizabeth Acevedo, Diana Alekseyeva, Kiara Montalvo

Mushrooms– Lilly Benz, Nora Collins, Madison Davidson, Norah Koch, Olivia Krytus, Grace Nagy, Tiana Ponticelli, Charlotte Reading

Woodland Creatures– Olivia Biehl, Natalie Hausmann, Natalie Martinek, Lucas Ponticelli, Sinead Thomas


Don’t forget to join us an hour before the show for a FREE costume party with cider, donuts and reading of the folk tale, Baba Yaga!


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