Student Spotlight – TyRiese

“It’s my dream to do ballet. It makes me feel calm.”

-TyRiese (age 9)

Neglia Conservatory of Ballet Level 3 student

This month we introduce you to TyRiese. She’s a fourth grader in the Buffalo Public Schools. TyRiese had danced acro and tap since the age of three but her first introduction to ballet wasn’t until recently at age nine. TyRiese was part of a group of BPS students who participated in an Intro to Ballet workshop at Neglia in August of 2017 taught by Zurisaday Moreno.

“Since the moment I saw TyRiese, I thought her natural talent was something amazing to see – truly a gift. I soon realized that not only did TyRiese have a superior talent, but also a disposition to develop herself as a dancer and a love for dancing and sharing stage and studio with her dancing friends,” says Zurisaday.

TyRiese and other workshop participants were offered scholarships to continue their studies at Neglia during the school year.

“I believed that giving TyRiese the opportunity to connect with such a great conservatory, truly dedicated to developing each student in their technique and artistry, was going to be the perfect terrain in which TyRiese could develop her talent, and excel as a ballerina and artist. Through the positive culture of Neglia and the wonderful teachers and members, she’ll grow as a student and person,” says Zurisaday.

“It was a great opportunity to receive the scholarship to Neglia, otherwise I would not have been able to afford the classes. Crushing her dream would have broken my heart,” says LaVita, TyRiese’s grandmother.

LaVita brings TyRiese to the conservatory twice a week for class and supports her goals for the future.

TyRiese started in Level 2 and quickly moved up to Level 3 within the first trimester. When asked how it was to move up so quickly, TyRiese says she was “excited for the challenge”.

Being new to ballet didn’t prevent TyRiese from auditioning for "Baba Yaga" – Neglia’s fall performance at Shea’s. Overall she felt “good and happy” about the rehearsal and production, but did admit to feeling a little “nervous and shy” being on stage and performing in front of her peers and classmates during the On School Time performance. (Understandable when there are over 2,500 people in the audience!)

Beyond classical ballet training, LaVita hopes her granddaughter learns leadership, teamwork, communication in the dance industry from her education at Neglia Conservatory of Ballet.

LaVita has noted that TyRiese has “become a different person since attending, she has matured in a lot of ways. Her self-esteem was really low when people would ask her age in comparison to her height.  She has gained more confidence about her height and how it is a good thing for her and not a bad thing.  I am very proud of her and when you ask to move her up a level it gives me great satisfaction that the sacrifice I am doing is worth it to see her happy.”

“It’s my dream to do ballet. It makes me feel calm,” says TyRiese. 

Looking to the future, TyRiese imagines that ballet will be a big part of it and hopes to become famous as a ballet dancer. In life, she wants “to do the best I can so I can succeed.”

This kid is going part of her journey.

Your support can help children like TyRiese pursue their ballet dreams.

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