Our summer intensive for serious students across the globe

Program Overview

Neglia’s 5-Week Summer Intensive Program has earned an international reputation for being a rewarding dance experience for serious students (including professional dancers)
who progress under the guidance of dedicated instructors whose goal is for each student to reach their potential.

Daily classes are offered in a variety of disciplines with an emphasis in classical ballet. Classes are offered in Ballet, Pointe, Men’s Class, Contemporary, Partnering, Repertoire and Pilates.

Students dance up to 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, showing remarkable progress after five weeks.

Class Schedule & Tuition


Last week of June and first four weeks of July


Monday – Thursday: 9 AM – 4 PM
Friday: 9 AM – 3 PM


  • Non-refundable deposit (secures spot): $350
  • All 5-weeks: $2,750 (due by May 31)
  • Early bird discount (when paid in full by March 31): $2,475
  • Per week: $750
  • Current Neglia Students: $2,475*
    Per week: $675
    *when deposit made by March 1 and balance paid by May 31

Sample Course Curriculum

  • Ballet Technique (1.75 hours per day)
    Barre work reinforces correct execution of positions, body placement, alignment. Mastery of Adagio, Pirouettes, Petit Allegro and Grand Allegro
  • Pointe or Men’s Class (1 hour per day)
  • Ballet Exercises
    Specifically to strengthen pointe work, including echappé, relevé, retiré, pirouette, sissonne, piqué turns, fouette turns, pas de bourée and chaîné.
  • Repertoire (1.25 hours per day)
    Students learn and execute variations from classical and contemporary works. Emphasis on artistry and musicality.
  • Contemporary / Jazz / Modern (1 hour per day)
    Students learn other genres of dance and how to apply their dance vocabulary to new expressions of movement.
  • Floor Barre / Pilates / Progressing Ballet Technique (1 hour per day)
    Students learn strengthening, lengthening and balancing to improve one’s core and overall ability to execute ballet steps. Increased mindfulness of muscles and bodies as tools for their craft.


Our roster of Summer Intensive instructors includes:

  • Erica Cornejo
  • Carlos Molina
  • Vilia Putrius
  • Mindaugus Bauzys
  • Beth Bartholomew
  • Fidel Orillo
  • Sherri Campagni
  • Eun-Kyung Chung
  • Heidi Halt
  • Seyong Kim
  • Sergio Neglia
  • Viktor Plotnikov
  • Larissa Ponomarenko
  • Jennifer Golonka
  • Natalia Boesch

International Students

Neglia hosts out-of-town and international students in the dormitory at Buffalo Seminary High School (SEM) in the nearby Elmwood Village. Adult chaperones oversee the students at the dormitory, cafeteria, studio shuttle and on weekend excursions around Western New York. More than just a dance education, students learn independence, form lasting friendships, and experience the architecture and culture of Buffalo.


A city rich in history, tradition and culture, Buffalo, New York has all of the best a big city has to offer yet without many of the hassles. World-class architecture, theater, concerts, art galleries, museums, professional and recreational sports, shopping, local cuisine, and other attractions are conveniently located in the greater metropolitan area. Summers are sunny and warm, helped by the gentle breezes off of Lake Erie.


If you have any questions about Summer Programs at Neglia, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@negliaballet.org.


Parent – Syracuse, NY


Sarah felt that her technique improved a lot from the personal attention that she received from her teachers. As a parent I was so impressed with the hospitality of the girls from Buffalo and their families. The chaperone kept her safe and showed her a good time, even a special cake on her birthday. I hope that the girls from Japan enjoyed their experience. Sarah came home with a small vocabulary in Japanese and a lot of understanding of another culture – something unexpectedly wonderful. I continue to learn myself from the experiences of my creative children, and this summer was wonderful.

Summer Student – 2019


[On day 2 of the program] Why do we have to sleep? I just want it to be time for Neglia again!

Chaperones from Argentina – 2019


We are grateful for your support and your presence every moment. We enjoyed our days, the rides and activities, and we value the good treatment of SEM’s people and Neglia team. It was a great experience for all of us. Thanks!! Hope to see you again Thank you.