Summer Student Spotlight

Every summer during Intensives, it’s exciting to learn about student’s desires to train with us. This summer we had the pleasure of working with a young woman who has already achieved the dream of a position with a professional ballet company, but wanted to use her time off to hone her craft and artistry.

Name: Claire Hutchinson 
Age: 19
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Ballet Background: Miami City Ballet School; Dance Centre North, Syracuse, NY
Current Position: Dancer with Charlotte Ballet II

As a professional dancer, how & why did you choose Neglia Ballet for your summer training? 
I attended Neglia Ballet’s Summer Intensive when I was younger and remember learning a lot. So when I was trying to decide where I could go this summer to continue to grow as an artist, Neglia Ballet was a very easy decision. Neglia Ballet has an amazing and welcoming atmosphere that makes it easy to learn and grow. The classes are small enough that everyone is able to get individualized attention and corrections from a variety of amazing teachers. Also, the schedule is varied enough to really work deeply on different dance styles while still having plenty of time to fine tune each style.

Regarding Private Lessons, what does Sergio offer in the private session that is different than what you get during the regular program?
Working with Sergio is an amazing experience because he focuses on details that make you a more polished dancer. In a private lesson, Sergio tailors the lesson specifically for you and shares new ideas and thoughts to help you become a better dancer. He pushes you while still keeping the supportive and warm atmosphere that I have found to be central to Neglia Ballet.

Talk about your unique summer housing experience: Staying in my family’s Airstream while attending the summer intensive was so much fun for me. It gave me a happy, cozy place that I could go back to and mull over corrections and unwind in the evening. It made it fun and like a vacation!

Did the summer program meet your expectations? 
Neglia Ballet’s summer program exceeded my expectations! I wanted to have a summer where I could continue to learn more both as a dancer and as a person while still having fun in a low-stress environment. I was thrilled with the progress I made–I learned more than I could even imagine in just five weeks. Dancing became more joyful and freeing!

(photo courtesy of Rebecca Lindamood)
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