Zoom Ballet Training

By now (due to COVID-19) you’ve probably heard these terms regarding a new way of learning:

  • Zoom
  • Hybrid
  • Remote
  • Virtual
  • Synchronous

At Neglia Ballet, we have embraced this technology and offer real-time Synchronous Ballet Training via Zoom to students around the world!

Since March 2020, we have used Zoom to not only teach students thousands of miles from Buffalo, NY, but to have our students instructed by talented teachers from around the globe. Our Zoom Summer Intensive 2020 proved to be a valuable method for connecting dancers and instructors during an uncertain time. Instructors and students see and interact with each other on screen. Instructors give corrections in real time.

Here’s what one remote student had to say about Zoom with Neglia Ballet:

“The consistency of quality instruction from a variety of some of the most gifted and esteemed teachers in the world has more than compensated for the lack of “in person” instruction.” (continue reading here)

So, are you a good candidate for Zoom Ballet Training with Neglia?

If you are a serious student practicing 4 or more times a week, email info@negliaballet.org to arrange a FREE Zoom placement class. Zoom classes for Ballet 4 (Intermediate) and Pre-Professional (Advanced) begin September 14, 2020.

See schedule and rates here:

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