Zoom Summer Intensive Testimonial

Ballet training via Zoom can be challenging. But one of the benefits of Zoom is making a new connection with a student who lives MILES away in another part of the country. Here’s a testimonial from a new student we’ve only ever met virtually. As unnerving as things are these days, thank goodness for technology to bring us all closer together!
“Neglia Ballet Conservatory’s virtual summer intensive has been an absolutely bright light during an otherwise chaotic and perpetually uncertain time for our daughter. 
Like so many other ballet students all over the world, when the summer intensive that Julia had committed to canceled without offering a virtual alternative, she was left with both a challenge and, as it turns out, a wonderful opportunity. 
We decided to have Julia audition for Neglia Ballet’s virtual intensive after extensively researching virtual intensives that would provide a focus on solid technique. Little did we know that Neglia Ballet Conservatory would also provide a warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where Julia instantly felt at home… from over 1200 miles away! 
As a result, Julia has approached each day of this intensive with an enthusiasm and an energy that makes us as parents so grateful. The consistency of quality instruction from a variety of some of the most gifted and esteemed teachers in the world has more than compensated for the lack of “in person” instruction. She receives personalized corrections daily that have helped to build her confidence and her technical foundation. She is, of course, a better ballet student for having participated in Neglia’s summer intensive, but, more importantly, she is a better artist and a better dancer. Perhaps most importantly, she is happy and eager to continue her ballet studies. 
We have all lost immeasurably throughout this pandemic, but having Julia spend these last few weeks with Neglia each day has been a gift we will always treasure. We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to allow her to train alongside your beautiful students.”


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